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To enrol in the first year of a Bachelor's or single cycle degree programme you must hold an upper secondary school diploma (high school diploma or equivalent qualification).

If your secondary school diploma was awarded abroad, check here for the procedures for the admission.

University of Milan’s Bachelor's or single cycle degree programmes are divided into 3 groups:

Open admissions programmes

To enrol in open admissions programmes, you are only required to sit for a non-selective test to assess your basic knowledge.

Limited enrolment programmes at local level

Most Bachelor’s programmes have a limited number of places available: candidates must pass an entrance TOLC test.

Based on the test’s results, a ranking list is established. Only students in good position into the ranking list are eligible and are allowed to enrol into the programme

Limited enrolment programmes at national level

For some study programmes, the number of places available is established at national level; candidates must pass an entrance examination.
These programmes are:

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • International Medical School
  • Dental Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Healthcare professions

Each year, between March and July, the University of Milan publishes calls to apply for admission to bachelor's and single cycle degree programmes.
For Bachelor and Single-cycle degree courses, please check this page


Prospective students holding or about to complete a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent title) programme by December 31 (or by the deadline indicated in the Programme Structure for the selected Master's degree programme), may enrol into a Master’s degree programme.
If your degree was awarded abroad, check here the procedures for the admission.

Open admissions Master’s programmes

To enrol into an open admission master’s programme, it’s necessary first to submit an admission application, uploading all documents required by the candidate in order to prove they meets the requirements for the chosen degree programme.

For further information visit this page.

Limited enrolment Master’s programmes

To be admitted to master’s degree programmes with limited enrolment, candidates must sit for an admission exam. The results of the exam determine candidates’ positions in the final ranking list of eligible students.

For Master’s degree courses, please check this page.

EU and non-EU citizens who have an Italian permit of stay gain access to university education under the same conditions as Italian citizens. Non-EU citizens living abroad may gain access through a special process based, for example, on case-by-case evaluation of the candidature. In case they are requested to sit for the entrance exam, a separate ranking list is created for them.

In addition, non-EU students residing abroad are required to submit a pre-enrolment application on Universitaly website.








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